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    Discover More Card application missing from site?

    I went to apply for the Discover More card this morning and can't find the application on the Discover site. It looks like it has been completely replaced by the new Discover IT Card. The new IT card looks similar to the More card so it's not a deal breaker but thought I would check on here first and give it one last shot before I give in to the IT card.

    Does anyone know if this is just a temporary thing to promote the IT card, or is this card completely replacing the More card?

  2. Discover More Card application missing from site?
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    They are replacing Discover More with the Discover IT card. Discover IT is essentially the same card, but with additional benefits, more transparency and no penalty for missing your first payment.
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    Yeah, looks like Discover IT has now pretty much replaced the More card.

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    what about current discover more cardholders? will we have to switch to the new card?

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    Would you say that this card is easier to get approved for than Capital One?

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    RIP Discover More Card. I am just waiting for them to officially kill this off. It continues to live on in the affiliate channel, if you go to any credit card site including CreditShout, they still list the Discover More card and not the IT card. Once they kill it off in the affiliate channel it will be gone for good.

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