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    Discover it 5% Cash Back Rewards Categories for 2013

    We are getting a lot of questions about the 5% cash back categories this year for the new Discover it Card. Here is a preliminary list of the categories. Keep in mind that specific stores where you can earn 5% cash back may be added during each quarter.

    I believe that Amazon was added during the winter quarter of last year, so I wouldn't be surprised if that happened again this year for Q4.

    January - March 2013
    Restaurants & Movies
    Earn cash back on purchases at restaurants and for movies. The program is ended on March, 31.

    April - June 2013
    Home Improvement
    Make purchases at home improvement stores to add up more Cashback Bonus rewards.

    July - September 2013
    Summer Fun
    Pack the bags and fill the gas tank to the brim - this summer is going to be the most memorable.

    October - December 2013
    Holiday Shopping
    Get ready for holidays. Your shopping will never be that rewarding as with Discover it card.

  2. Discover it 5% Cash Back Rewards Categories for 2013
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    Discover More gave 5% cash back on ALL online shopping from Oct - Dec last year, not just Amazon.

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