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    Discover it Miles Review - Get Travel Rewards or Cash Back!

    discover-miles220px-jpgThe recently launched Discover it Miles card is a new travel rewards credit card that has gained a lot of attention given its rather revolutionary features. It is both a travel rewards card and a cash back card!

    Discover it Miles offers 1.5 miles (i.e., rewards points) for each dollar spent. These miles can be redeemed for travel. Alternatively, you can choose to receive 1.5% of your spending as a cash-back reward - with no strings attached.

    Right now, Discover it Miles also comes with these two signup bonuses:

    • Discover will double your first year rewards!*
    • 0% APR Financing on Purchases for 12 Months*

    The card also has no annual fee, hidden costs or confusing rewards program and it has no penalty APR. There also in no late fee the first time you are late with a payment

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    How Does it Miles Compare?

    Discover it Miles is the most flexible travel rewards card on the market today for two reasons. And pretty generous to boot.

    First, it offers a generous rewards program without the hassle of no annual. This includes doubling your rewards points for the first year (effective giving you 3 points for each $1 spent for twelve months), rather than pegging your bonus on the requirement you spend a certain amount in the first several months of card ownership. So it does not encourage overspending.

    Second, it lets you take your rewards as cash back that is directly deposited into your checking account. How would you like to have a cash back card that earns 3% for the first year and 1.5% thereafter (again, with no annual fee)? CreditShout liked it so much, they recommend using it Miles as part of any cash back strategy.

    In our opinion, Discover it Miles is the best no annual fee travel rewards card out there because of the simplicity and flexibility of its generous rewards program.

    Discover it Miles Benefits

    The Discover it chrome card comes with the same great benefits as the Discover it:

    • Free TransUnion FICO score every month
    • Purchase protection on eligible purchases made with your Discover card for the first 90 days if damaged or stolen
    • Extended warranty adds an extra year on manufacturer warranties of 3 years or less
    • Return protection refunds qualifying purchases if you are unhappy with a purchase within 90 days and the store will not take it back
    • Purchase protection reimburses you the difference if you buy something with your Discover card and find a lower price within 90 days

    No Annual Fee or Hidden Costs

    One feature that made the Discover it card such a hit is its lack of annual fee or other hidden costs common with most cards. The Discover it Miles keeps this feature with no annual fee, no foreign exchange fee, no overlimit fee and no penalty APR to worry about. Your first late fee for a missed payment is also waived.

    Flexible Payment Options

    With it Miles, you choose your own due date and you have until midnight to pay by phone or online. Try this with most cards and you will find the due date actually has a cut-off time, usually around 3 pm EST (Noon Pacific Time!).

    The Bottom Line

    Discover it Miles is a top credit card whether you are looking for travel points or cash back rewards.

    Click Here to Apply Now on CreditSoup(R)

  2. Discover it Miles Review - Get Travel Rewards or Cash Back!
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    This card is one of the best travel cards of 2016!
    Need a Card to Build/Rebuild Your Credit With? Read This >> Best Credit Cards For Building Your Credit

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