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    Discover Offering Free FICO Credit Score to Everyone

    Just found out from another thread that Discover is offering everyone (yes, everyone; not just Discover cardholders) a free FICO credit score.

    There is no obligation to take out a Discover card if you take advantage of this opportunity. Though maybe you will want to after receiving some of the benefits of their top notch customer service.

    Anyway, just wanted to make everyone aware of this free perk.

  2. Discover Offering Free FICO Credit Score to Everyone
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    Thanks for the tip!

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    Just ordered mine. Thanks Frugal for the original tip and Credit Dave for the re-post.

    And, having read Caldini, I know that Discover is trying to use the reciprocity theory to get me to sign up for a card. But it did not work. I took my score and ran.

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    Did someone say free? I love free. Doing this tonight.

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    Just to add to the mix of card companies offering you a free look at your credit score, include Capital One and their CreditWise app.

    You do not even need to be a CapitalOne customer to use CreditWise and get a free credit score.

    Please note that CapitalOne does not provide you with a FICO score. You will get a TransUnion VantageScoreŽ 3.0 score instead. And these are the differences between a FICO score and a VantageScore (per Capital One):

    FICO uses a different scoring model than the TransUnion Vantage Score 3.0 scoring model, which is the one we use for CreditWise. Both of these credit scoring models are based on similar key factors that lenders want to know about before offering you credit.

    To learn more, check out the FAQ here.

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    While a Vantage score is not a FICO score, it is based on the same information.

    It can be useful. And with a Vantage 3 score, you at least are scaled the same as a FICO score. (That was not always the case.)

    But your scores will not always match. This has to do with different weighing of factors and other distinctions. But if you have good credit with one, you should have good credit with the other.

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    All things being equal, I'll take the FICO from Discover.

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    As a Discover cardholder, I've been enjoying this little perk. It helps me stay on top of my score. Trust me, I am not interested in backsliding.

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