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    Which is more expensive to raise - Boy or Girl ?

    For all the parents or those planning to be one, I'd say girls are because of:

    Clothes - a majority of the time, girls will have more and items cost more unless you shop at a thrift store or your boys must have $200 tennis shoes
    Hygiene - girls use more facial products while boys may just deal with teen acne nonchalantly
    Haircuts - cheap for boys, costly for girls
    Parties - boys tend to go to parties, girls tend to host more
    Entertainment - tends to be equal for movies, teen functions, field trips
    Sports - it may be equal, but probably more for boys who enjoy it or if they take lessons
    Video Games - these are expensive and tilted to being more expensive for boys
    Bikes /Skateboards - usually boys get these
    Food - boys tend to eat more as they usually have a higher metabolism
    Cars - insurance is usually cheaper for girls
    College - probably about the same
    Weddings - the girl's parents (Dad) pays much more than the boy

    Now if your girl is a tomboy and doesn't like makeup, hair salons, getting nails done, or costly dresses, or your boy is inactive and mostly on video games and never partakes in a team or individual sport nor is a car buff, then it becomes much less.

    The caveat. You don't have to buy or say yes to every single one of your child's latest wishes or requests. You don't have to follow the trend and do everything everyone else is doing either.

  2. Which is more expensive to raise - Boy or Girl ?
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    I am going to say a girl due her later teen years where they may require more. Although, it can cost the same if done properly. The wedding should not be included as she is an adult by that time.

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    It really depends on the kid. Some don't like sports or video games and some girls don't like getting dressed up and are very practical. Some women never marry.

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    In my opinion, no one, because its totally depend on us how and from where to buy quality stuff from them and how to save money, they are kids they dont know what's wrong and what's right, but we parents know all about these things, like our budget, our savings. Like I mostly buy my kids and my clothes from Mixxmix Coupons at Reecoupons, because from there I an easily get quality stuff within low price.

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