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    San Diego Residents Decide Not to Pay NFL Ransom

    The NFL has been holding cities hostage for years. Threatening to take teams away if they did not fork over billions in "aid" to build new luxury state of the art stadiums.

    Of course, all the benefit goes to the NFL and its teams. All the residents get are lots of bills, as the deals never seem to actually help improve the local economy. Especially since teams are still playing in perfectly good stadiums.

    But I am proud to say that my hometown of San Diego finally told the NFL to take a hike. And while I am sure we will miss the Chargers, it won't be that much.

    Who wanted to spend $1.8 billion on a team that has been mediocre for decades? And only get 8 home games in return.

    So go to LA. I doubt many of us will even bother to make the drive. Just too many things to do here in San Diego.

  2. San Diego Residents Decide Not to Pay NFL Ransom
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    Better than NJ, which built a new Meadowlands before paying off the old one.

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    I first moved to Atlanta in 1990. At that time, I went to see both the Braves and Falcons play in Fulton County Stadium. I practically sat in the same seats for both games.

    A few years later, both teams were playing in their own brand new stadiums.

    Fast forward 20 years, and both teams are both getting brand new stadiums again.

    What a waste.

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    It does look like LA is about to go from zero to two teams. Personally, I was comfortable with zero.

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    Plenty of other cities are going to pay the NFL ransom. Just not San Diego. And Oakland, I guess.

    LA seems happy to do it, but only in a way that the cost is not transparent to taxpayers. And Las Vegas will too. Who else? Will we get a bidding war?

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    It seems like this year the tide is turning against the NFL.

    If I lived in San Diego, I'd probably vote against a new stadium too. Too much other stuff to do.

    And I think people everywhere are starting to agree.

    Ratings are down. TV contracts are too expensive. Less fan enthusiasm to subsidize all the millionaires and billionaires.

    Worst of all: play is slow, boring and way too often interrupted by commercials.

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    Here in Dallas, not sure if Jerrys world is worth it. But still love Dak and Zeke.

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    Does anyone still watch the NFL? Snooze-fest

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