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    Thoughts on sleep

    People have all sorts of resolutions for each New Year. Often revolving around losing weight, eating better, going to the gym. Or spending less money at Starbucks. But my main concern was the losing weight, eating better, and getting to the gym more often.

    And then is when it hit me. I need to sleep better.

    Not just more. But better.

    My goal is to get at least eight hours every night. And I've been pursuing this since October. (No need to wait for a January 1st date for an important goal.)

    Also, by making this my number one priority, it has really happened.

    And the result has been that I have lost weight, ate better, and even been getting to the gym more often.

    Every night I go to bed at 10. (Yes, even over the weekends.) And every morning I get up around six. But I let my body wake me up. The alarm does not go off until 6:30. Usually I am up at 6 and don't need the alarm.

    It has been years since I got regular 8 hours of sleep.

    But it is a game changer. I feel so much better.

    My body is actually resting and repairing.

    Look into sleep science and ways to improve your sleep. You will thank me.

  2. Thoughts on sleep
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    sounds great. where are the tips for getting a better nights sleep. and with all the extra sleep, when are you finding time to work out

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    i'd like to hear some tips on sleeping better too

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    so happy you found the answer to life the universe and everything.

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    For me the key to getting to sleep faster and sleeping better was creating conditions conducive to a good night sleep.

    So dinner ends by 7:30, at which point the kitchen is closed. No more water, beer, whatever. Then, about 9 pm, I shut down all devices. No TV, not emails, no Facebook. Then I just read a book. A real book. I just relax.

    Just by disconnecting, letting go and shutting down, I'm ready for sleep by 10 pm.

    And I seem to pop up around around 6 am. And most mornings I'll get in a workout (about 30 mins) and then head to work.

    That is all.

    Try it out. But give it a few weeks. Don't expect immediate results. Or to be able to immediately to shut down at 9 pm.

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    Thanks for the tips. But what do you do on weekends? Do you have dinner with friends at 6 pm?

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    Ive been trying to stick to the plan as much as possible. Yes, a few Saturdays were a bit off plan. Ate later. Went to bed a little later. But not too much later. And still not devices/TV.

    This Sunday will be a test. I will be watching the SB, and then will head to bed. Not sure if we'll watch at home or at a friends house. We'll see.

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    Getting more sleep sounds greta. but I'm not sold that it will change my life.

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    I've got to back this up. Getting good sleep, working out in the morning, and cutting out sugars (real and fake) and down on carbs in genera over the last few years has helped me feel better, have more energy, and be much happier.

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