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    Extended Warranties

    So what is the thinking around here on extended warranties. I'm getting a new washer/dryer set. And I'm wondering if I should buy the extended warranties with them.

    I've always though the warranties were a waste. But these machines are pretty expensive. And the warranty cost is pretty cheap, relatively (like $25/year for 5 years). Even covers stuff not covered by the mfr warranty.


  2. Extended Warranties
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    From what I understand, the warranties sold by the stores are more frustrating than a savings. They will make it hard to get service or the fix done in a timely manner. I'd say: save your money.

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    When I worked at Circuit City, we liked to push the extended warranties. It was a specific sales goal, in fact. And we called it the cheese.

    So if that makes you think of what customers were getting from Wells Fargo, it should.

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    The cheese? That is awesome. I need to remember that. Can we add that to the Glengarry Glen Ross scene with Alec Baldwin? Coffee is for closers. And until you sell the cheese, no coffee for you!

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