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    Daylight Savings is the Devil's Time

    Adjusting to daylight savings is rough. Unbelievable tough morning to get up, gets hubby and ht kids moving, and slog into the office. Even coffee isn't working today. Coffee never fails me!!!!!!

    We need to do something about the Devil's Time.

    Though, I do love the longer evenings. ... So why don't we just keep daylight savings year round. And stop the charade of changing our cocks twice a year????

  2. Daylight Savings is the Devil's Time
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    Devil's time? Come on. It's not so bad. And everyone loves the longer evenings. But if you kept it all year, the dark would last too long into the morning.

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    Seems harder to adjust every year. And it seems to have a bigger impact than changing time zones. But still ... devil's time seems a bit of an overstatement.

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    I do like the longer evenings. Though I'm not sure if we are ready yet to change in mid-March. Worse, today seems harder for me to adjust than Sunday or yesterday. Why is that?

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