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    American Express approval

    Okay. So after 7 yrs in bk, I think my credit score is improving. I've been getting mailers for ccs. Should I apply for a card right away or wait for 6 months to show no debt?

  2. American Express approval
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    That depends. Are you better with debt now?

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    I would start with one card, like the AMEX Everyday and slowly build your credit. Don't use up more than 50% of credit line.

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    Check your credit score before applying.

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    A credit score is one of the major parameters which any bank checks before issue a credit card. The chances that your credit card application will get approved depends on your credit score. But that doesn't mean that with a low score you won't get it.

    If your credit score is less due to some genuine reason such as EMI due to the bank's issue or some technical issues, you can inform the bank where you have applied for a credit card of the reason why it happened so.

    So, depending on the credit score, major private sector banks can provide you credit card.

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