Sorry, this is a little lengthy but trying to get the full story out there on my first post. Please go easy with me, lol:

Hello everyone, need a little advice, if there is any. Cap1 got me out of venue on a gutter serve which ended as a default for them. They confiscated my bank account and then tried to garnish me, which is when I first realized what was going on. When they tried to garnish me, I sent a change of venue letter to the court but it went unheard and they won a garnishment out of venue again, but I had changed jobs so the garnishment did not stick. Fast forward to today and they are coming after me with another garnishment in the proper court. Fact is, they are going after the old job, yet again.

Now, so you all know, I have been, since the FIRST MONTH of missed payments, trying to work something out with cap1, and, or, their greedy lawyers . I did not have all of first months back payment and 3/4 payment wasnt good enough, so, on and on it, doubling each time until I was buried. I have NOT been trying to evade them, but, finally, at their $1,000 a month payment request, its impossible to pay back at that rate, they are nuts! I cant express enough that I was never trying to run from them, but, trying to work something out. Sure as heck not $1,000 a month!

After 10 years of Cap1 and the lawyers ignoring me, and, having my credit ruined because THEY will not work with me, I am fighting mad and feel I have paid enough through bad credit, ESPECIALLY when I have been TRYING to work with them. At this point, I think they need to work for every cent they can get from me, and, if I find the angle to end this now, short of bankruptcy, its time.

So, I was sent a letter to show up for the newest garnishment in what is now proper venue court. VA law says I have until court date to give answer. I went to court to give an answer, ask for an extension and or to demand a trial. Cap1 said my old work didnít answer the garnishment request. The judge stated he would postpone to give me time to answer and Cap1 to find out why my old company didnít respond.

So, at this time, worst case scenario I am hoping for out of court settlement before this goes on record but they WILL NOT respond to me. Best case scenario I go to trial and they bail before trial.

Since they refuse to respond, STILL, and want to screw me harder, I want to screw back. Any tips, tricks or procedureís to try along my journey? Just to antagonize them, I am thinking of counter suing for extortion, mental anguish, breech of contract (got to be something about not responding to the request to pay them back), blackmail etc. Just something to tie them up and make the lawyers spend time preparing case files, discovery etc. Maybe on a whim and hope, they will drop it?

Any hope for me?