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    I accidentally applied for the wrong credit card!

    I'm not sure if this is the correct thread to post this is. Please let me know if there is somewhere else better. I also did a quick search to find out if a similar situation had been discussed, but I did not find anything.

    A little background:
    I am graduating from university soon and will be traveling throughout Europe for 6 weeks after graduating. I intended to apply for a cash back credit card with decent rewards and a 0% APR introductory rate to help fund my trip and some of the expenses leading up to the trip. I've already accepted a good paying job that I will start after my trip. So I was confident that I would be able to pay the balance off before the end of the 12 month introductory period. This is my 2nd credit card. I've had the first since August 2015 and have mostly made the payments on time and kept a low balance or none at all. My credit score is in the high 700's.

    I applied for a credit card with HSBC. I was quickly approved and charged about $1000 to the card in a little over a month. I was then surprised by a statement showing that I had been charged interest. After a little investigation, I realized that I applied for the wrong credit card. I've considered a few options, including applying for a balance transfer card to transfer the $1000 balance to, paying off the balance and closing the card (which may leave me a little bit cash-strapped, but not too bad though), and applying for a new credit card that does have a 0% APR. I'm concerned about how this may affect my credit score and afraid that if I cancel my card and don't get approved for one of the 0% APR cards, then I may be up a creek.

    Lastly, I did spend enough to get the introductory cash back reward, which I did apply towards my balance. I'm also afraid of being labeled as someone that applies for credit cards for the introductory offers, then closes the card.

    Thank you in advance for all of your help!

  2. I accidentally applied for the wrong credit card!
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    Hi MattM, You may ask for the respective bank for this. My humble advise is to before applying a credit card, it is recommended to know about the types of credit cards available and rates of the each card.

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    Was this your mistake? how did you applied - throw phone? Going to the bank with a sell assistant? Read your contract carefully, see how can you cancel that credit car. If you were helped in the promises of the bank on a face-to-face interview, go with the person you "helped" you or offered you this. They usually find the best way to help you because you are a "newbie", and you chose them to be your first bank.

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