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    Can I charge on credit card every month?

    I just got my 1st credit card after many years of living from pay check to pay check and bad credit. I now have about $40,000 in the bank with a credit score of 730. I'm working towards an excellent credit score. I understand that it's advantageous to only use 30% of my credit limit by the credit rating services. I will always pay off the entire amount owed.

    I have a Capitol One card and I have $845 ($3000 limit) in the first month. Not wanting to go over the 30% limit I set for myself, I'm started using a debit card to pay for what I need until the credit card is paid off. I auto paid the entire amount in 7 days ago. I spent $845 the first month and zero dollars the second month.

    My question is... Can I spend up to $900 (the 30% limit) one month and another $900 the next month and pay the entire bill for the first month ($900) and not have the total of up to $1800 look like I've let the credit card go up to 60%?

    I know what I'm trying to say but even I'm confused with what I wrote.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Can I charge on credit card every month?
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    Agree with the comment above me.

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