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    How To Unsubscribe from Lifelock and Identity Guard

    Did you sign up for a trial offer of LifeLock or Identity Guard only to find yourself locked into high monthly charges from these subscription services? LifeLock has gotten into plenty of trouble over the years due to deceptive advertising and a service that doesn't work as advertised, while Identity Guard has similar problems and doesn't even give you access to a real FICO credit score. There are a number of steps you can take to ensure these charges disappear from your credit card statements, even when the company itself is stubborn about cancellation or a refund.

    How to Cancel LifeLock

    LifeLock offers both a monthly subscription and an annual subscription and will automatically enroll you in monthly payments if you sign up for the free trial.

    The first step is to call 1-800-LIFELOCK and cancel your subscription, as there is no way to cancel online.

    Some customers, however, have noticed continued monthly charges or an annual fee charged to their credit card even after cancelling LifeLock, so it's important to watch your credit card statements afterwards.

    If you aren't satisfied with the service or you feel you were tricked into signing up for these recurring charges you can also ask for a refund, although this is rather rare. The next step in this case is to contact your credit card company and begin the chargeback process.

    How to Cancel Identity Guard

    Identity Guard is another service designed to prevent identity theft and many consumers notice this monthly charge on their credit card statement with no memory of signing up for the service.

    To cancel Identity Guard you'll need to speak to the company over the phone, as you can't cancel online or via email.

    If they refuse to cancel your account for some reason, such as the account is under a spouse's name, you can contact your credit card company next. You can also use the chargeback process to get a refund for charges you've already paid.

    How to Start The Chargeback Process

    A chargeback is used when you don't feel satisfied with the quality of a service or good and involves your credit card company withdrawing the money for a transaction directly from a merchant's account and depositing it back into your account after you file a dispute, effectively refunding you the money you spent. To start the chargeback process, contact your credit card company and file a dispute for the charges. The company will then begin an investigation and ask the merchant for proof they provided the advertised or promised level of services. If the company finds sufficient evidence in your favor, the chargeback will go through and you will receive a credit for the subscription fees that have been charged on your account.

    Have you canceled these services? Was this relatively easy or difficult to do? Please share your experiences below!

  2. How To Unsubscribe from Lifelock and Identity Guard
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    Great guide - I am sure this will be of MAJOR use to some people as I see threads popping up about this all the time.

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    The best way to cancel Lifelock - don't sign up in the first place!
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    I understand how appealing a service like this can be so I understand why some people would sign up for it. Once they realize they're locked it--haha--they want out. Thanks for this helpful guide! I'm passing it along to a few friends right now!

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    They lock you down so you can't unsubscribe... the irony...

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