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    How to handle security questions

    Over the last year plus I have been beefing up how I handle my personal cybersecurity. Like a lot of you, I take advantage of two-factor authentication and password managers. Which is all very good.

    Another great tip is to use fake answers to the security questions. And keep track in your password manager.

    Many of the list of three questions you can choose from are the same at every financial institution. And many can be answered by doing a little digging on a person.

    But if you choose a different non-related last name for your mother's maiden name with each account, you both (1) make it harder to get hacked and (2) help keep that firewall among your accounts.

    Hope this tip helps.

  2. How to handle security questions
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    I've seen this tip before. For a lot of people, they see it as rather impractical. But I agree that it works when for those using a password manager.
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    You know, you just can't be too careful these days. I prefer precautions like this, which require only a little extra effort, than cleaning up a mess. So thanks for the tip.

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