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    New Amazon Phishing Scam to look Out For

    Just received a an email from Amazon with the subject "recent activities" (all in lowercase) and the text:

    Dear Customer,

    We detected something unusual about a recent sign-in to your account. To help keep you safe, We require an extra security challenge.

    The is a phishing expedition, so be careful. The sender is not Amazon, who knows my name and does not send subject lines that do not start with a capital letter. Also, the sending email address does not end with

    As always, be careful what you click on.

  2. New Amazon Phishing Scam to look Out For
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    I got one today for "Apple" that seemed to do a better job. It's email address was noreply(at)

    But it too was a phishing scam.

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    I don't trust any emails anymore. And if an email seems legit, then I call the company directly and see if what they sent me is true.

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    I think your approach may be the safest. Never click a link. Ever.

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    I've been getting stuff from "Amazon", "Apple" and "Target" ... I think with Black Friday looking, it is silly season for everyone and everything.

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    Interestingly done. Almost for the soul takes. But it's not entirely a topic. Where I read about this in detail?

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