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    1 million Google accounts possibly compromised

    According to an Ars Technica report, an Android malware called Hooligan may have compromised over 1 million Google accounts.

    Apparantly you can pick up Hooligan from 86 apps that were available in third-party marketplaces. Apparently none of these apps were ever available on the official Google marketplace.

    Google says there is no evidence that any data was accessed from the compromised accounts.

    However, I say be careful out there and keep a close on eye on things for a while.
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  2. 1 million Google accounts possibly compromised
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    I don;t think I've downloaded anything not from Google's official store. But I need to check.

    Thanks for the heads up.

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    I for one don't fine the vague reassurances from Google to be all that encouraging.

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    This remains Apple's big advantage with the iPhone: the walled garden.

    Not that bad actor's don't get into the app store. But that Apple is in sole control of the only app store, can easily remove the bad apples (so to speak), and can push software updates to fix the issue directly to users.

    For the most part, Google is slower to patch and relies on the carriers to push the updated. The carriers are fairly awful at pushing those updates. So Android users often have horribly out of date and unsecured software.

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