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    Feb Jobs Friday

    The Jobs Friday report for February is late in March. The second Friday this month. At the same time, I'm early. But ADP is predicting the jobs report will show a pretty big gain of 298,000 new jobs for February.

    Temper your enthusiasm with the knowledge that (1) the number is seasonally adjusted, so there may be less than meets the eye, (2) the Fed will almost certainly raise rates in mid-March, and (3) we still need to tackle a looming debt-ceiling fiasco.

  2. Feb Jobs Friday
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    i thought the animal spirits have been unleashed and there is nothing to worry about now.

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    Well, jobs growth was good, but not as fantastic as the ADP report would have us believe. And wage growth was a bit more muted, up 0.2%. Plus, how much of that is going to disappear as these new min. wage hikes stop impacting wages?

    Regardless, the Fed seems anxious to raise rates. And this will give them enough ammunition to do so next week, IMHO.

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    I think we should just enjoy that people are finding work.

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    Are we seeing signs of positive momentum in the economy for the first time in years? Well then, it must be time for the Fed to crush them.

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    I think the Fed finally feels like it has the breathing room to do something up the bubbles it created. Which I guess is good. But it still will hurt.

    The only bright side I see is that stocks don't seem as big a bubble as 1999. And housing doesn't seem like a bubble, except in a few places like New York and NoCal.

    And the everything bubbles do not seem nearly as bad as Japan in 1989.

    So it will hurt. But then we will recover. And maybe even start seeing some real economic growth. Not a financialization bubble reborn again.

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