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    chap 13 confirmed oct. 02' - what next?

    My chapter 13 was confirmed in October of 2002. I've been told to send a copy to credit agencies so that my cr can be updated accordingly. What IS my next step?

  2. chap 13 confirmed oct. 02'  -  what next?
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    The high desert
    Don't send anything and read all the postings here. Then dispute what's wrong, especially any delinquent amounts. It sure would be nice if you could get some of the creditors to report as "paid as agreed" w/o the bk notation.

    Since you filed a 13, I really don't know whether you can even re-establish. Does anyone know if you need the trustee's permission to get a secured credit card?

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    So I should request copies of my cr first, then if it does not properly reflect my chapter 13 I should send them the documentaion? I'm not so interested in building up my credit with secured cards yet, I'm just trying to tie-up any loose ends before I proceed with new credit. The lawyers take you up to confirmation but fail to tell you what to do next.

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    The high desert
    If you're not interest in rebuilding your credit, then just don't do anything. No sense in wasting your time and money on credit reports.

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    Registered User Junior Member
    Columbus, Ohio

    Use this time wisely and read, read and read some more. There WILL be a time when you'll want to jump on things and get your reports perfected, but that's a while off right now.

    Christine has a great question. Although I don't know that much about BK law, I did help the foxy Mrs. Butch square some things away when we got married. She had just filed a 13.

    I remember a long chat with her incompetent lawyer and what I did get out of him was that secured credit is not really credit in the BK definition sense of the word, provided it's secured at 100%.

    How does one borrow their own money only to have a court turn around and instist that it's credit?

    Happy Studying and welcome aboard.


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    Christine had no question.

    Christine, I am interested in building my credit, but I have it in my head that I should either make sure that the credt reporting agencies have adjusted my file to show the chap 13 (by sending them the chap 13 confirmation, which you said I should send them nothing) or do something else. I want to find the quickest avenue to ensure my soon to be credit worthy furture.

    I have to do something right? Do I send for a copy of my cr and see what it says now? Do I send them a copy of my chap 13 confirmation? A hair sample? There must be something that says the next thing to do after your chap 13 is confirmed is............

    By the way....Thank you Butch for the welcome. I'm somewhat new to this so you may have to put up with these long paragraphs (and the sarcasm) until I get the 'lingo' clear.

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    The high desert
    No problem. There's really nothing such as "required steps" after a bk is confirmed.

    Here's a thread that's posted in the wrong section:

    "After bankruptcy" reporting problems - do NOT provide discharge papers

    If you want to work on your credit, the first thing is to order the free trials for Equifax and Experian, it also is really easy to dispute online.

    Unfortunately TU doesn't give anything away, you have to buy their report unless you qualify for a free report, lots of info is at

    You want to look for DELINQUENT amounts, well, just get your reports and then post again with what's there and any questions you have.

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