I sent my letters to the bureaus over a year ago, of course I didn't get my PIN.

A lot more info on ID theft is at Negligent enablement of identy theft - I want my PIN!

Since ID theft is such a huge problem, I posted a generic request for PIN below. Please post any questions or suggestions for enhancement in Q & A.




Via (verified fax or certified mail)


Re: Notice of liability and request for PIN to secure my credit file

To Whom It May Concern:

According to the FTC and FBI, identity theft is on the rise and I am very concerned about unauthorized access to my credit file.

(Add your specific concern if you have one, such as a mean ex-spouse, trouble in the family, theft or loss of your wallet, your ssn# being public record, previous ID theft, an unauthorized inquiry, whatever applies ....)

Please immediately assign to me a user changeable PIN as used by banks and just about any company handling my confidential data, to ensure that only authorized persons are able to access my credit file.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: (CRA name) is liable for damages suffered due to ID theft and inquiries without a permissible purpose related to my credit file with (CRA name) until I have received my PIN.


(your name)