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    The high desert

    Sample CRA dispute letter

    Joe Consumer
    123 Any Street
    Mytown, MO 11111
    ss#: xxx-xx-xxx
    DOB: xx-xx-xx (your birth date)

    PO Box 105518
    Atlanta, GA 30348

    (Today's date)

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Enclosed is my credit report with the highlighted disputed accounts:


    Please investigate these accounts:

    1) AmEx - not my account - please delete

    2) Citibank - VISA 412593320125XXXX - only AUTHORIZED USER and NOT responsible for account - please delete

    3) Citibank - VISA 412592067772XXXX -- please correct to “closed at consumer’s request”

    4) Dillard - no late payments

    Should these accounts NOT be removed or corrected as requested, please furnish the description of your investigation.


    Joe Consumer


    Keep it simple!


    A) You do NOT have to include a copy of your report. I just do that for my clients so they'll have good documentation and know what's going on.

    AND - if you're trying to hide from collectors and your DOB is NOT on the report or incorrect, leave it off your letter and include the the copy of the disputed accounts for ID instead.

    I have NEVER had a bureau refuse to investigate the disputes I've sent out for my clients, and I never put the SSN and DOB on the dispute letter, nor do I supply copies of my clients' drivers license, SS card or utility bills.

    That's why I really can't understand why TU refused to investigate my OWN dispute. Go figure ...

    You don't even need your report.

    This is a great way to get FREE reports if you know that an account is incorrectly reported on another report. You should get a report with the results of their investigation. If you're short on cash or in no rush, that's the way to go.

    B) You do NOT have to list account numbers unless you have several accounts from the same creditor.

    C) "Should these accounts NOT be removed or corrected as requested, please furnish the description of your investigation."

    That is actually supposed to be sent after an account is VERIFIED.

    I just can't figure out why we have to send TWO letters. Support the post-office and kill trees?

    And yes, I know it's so people won't send those requests, it's still stupid. And I question the legality of the CRAs' refusals to comply with these requests.

    D) I NEVER mail disputes certified to the CRAs. Why give MORE money to the post-office to have the dispute arrive LATER?

    The CRA's deletion, modification or verification is proof that they received your dispute.

    This does NOT apply to the "furnish the description of your investigation" AFTER the verification or disputes/validation requests with collection agencies. If you want to sue, send those certified or via verified fax.

    E) The creditors have 30 days from the day they receive your dispute to complete the investigation and 15 days from receipt to supply the verification description.

    F) KEEP COPIES of EVERYTHING you send out!

    KEEP all reports and results of investigations for 7 to 10 years.

    The FCRA requires that the CRAs notify you if they reinsert a deleted account. I've never seen that notification. But I sure have seen deleted or corrected accounts reappear years later.

    Your case is as good as your documentation!

  2. Disputes - Generic CRA dispute letter and tips
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    Baltimore, MD
    Christine -

    December is also an excellent time for disputing items on your credit report - The CRA's have a much heavier workload producing reports for merchant "Instant Credit" offers and verification of disputes often takes a back seat.

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    The high desert
    If you don't want to lie and/or consider legal action:

    "Please verify ALL data for these accounts, every date, balance, and notation - as per Fair Isaac, every piece of data is utilized by their credit scoring software and ONE incorrect or MISSING date or balance can lower my credit scores dramatically."

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