This question is about the Cavalry SPV I, LLC company, which as far as I can tell, buys old debt and tries to collect on it.

My wife's parents have been out of the country for the past two months, and will not be back for another 8-10 months. We checked the mail at their PO Box the other day, and they received a letter from the Winn Law Group that says "Proof of Service" and talks about a case management statement. Reading further through the papers, it looks like this has been scheduled for December 19th at the courthouse near our home in Los Angeles.

On the 2nd page of the complaint, their brief statement says "Within the last four years, an account was stated in writing between Plaintiff and Defendant. Thereafter, Defendant defaulted on the terms of the agreement and failed to dispute balance. Plaintiff has been damaged in the sum of $5,037.20, plus interest and costs".

Nowhere in the paperwork does it give any account numbers or state who the original debt was with.

Here is the twist: After speaking with her parents, they told me that they filed for bankruptcy in October of 2010. They apparently have received other letters from the Winn Group, in which their bankruptcy lawyer sent them copies of their bankruptcy paperwork thinking that would be sufficient.

So the questions I have are:

- What, if anything, can my wife and I do for her parents since they are not in the country?
- Is there any paperwork that we can send, or file, that will help them, either through the court or directly to the Winn Group?
- If the debt was included in the bankruptcy, why would they be able to sue for it?
- Would we be able to go to court and represent them?

Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you!