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    Judgement on my credit report has my dad listed as my spouse. Help!!

    I'm hoping that someone can help steer me in the right direction. I had a judgement against me for an unpaid medical bill. When the server delivered the notice to me I signed for it. I didn't notice until too late that my fathers name was also listed on the judgement. I paid the judgement in full. About two months later I get a phone call from my father telling me that he had just checked his credit report and he had a judgment for my unpaid medical bill. I called the collection company and questioned why my father was included in my judgement and they told me that they had him listed as my spouse. I quickly told them that that was wrong and i needed his name removed from that judgement. They are telling me that there is no way. They said that I shouldn't have signed for the judgement. I told them that I signed for it because my name was on it and I hadn't noticed my dads name until too late. Does anyone know if there is any way i can get his name removed? Please help!!!

  2. Judgement on my credit report has my dad listed as my spouse.  Help!!
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    a consumer debt attorney or a collection attorney should be to help you and your father for their error. The company who did this is in the wrong and will face legal damages.

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