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    Employee Background Checks and the FCRA

    We just posted a guest post from Andrew Weiner of The Weiner Law Firm. Mr. Weiner specializes in employment law. And his article focuses on the protections you have when interviewing under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (or FCRA).

    If a potential employer runs a background check on you and then does not hire you thanks to incorrect information in the report, you may have remedies available to you under the FCRA. This comes as news to me, even though we spend a lot of time making sure we understand the FCRA here at CreditForums.

    Check out Mr. Weiner's article to learn more. This may be information that helps protect your rights at some point in time.

  2. Employee Background Checks and the FCRA
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    I'd rather be proactive. Don't forget to get those free reports. But good to know I'm protected if I miss anything.

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    I wonder if I'll start getting copies of background checks when I apply for jobs.

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