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    Would you use a Starbucks rewards prepaid card?

    News out of the Starbucks annual meeting is that they are thinking of offering a rewards prepaid card to allow you to earn stars (rewards points) on every purchase you make.

    So, would you use this card? Do you want to earn rewards to be redeemed for lattes? And does this make you feel less abused by their recent changes to their rewards program?

    Let me know!

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  2. Would you use a Starbucks rewards prepaid card?
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    No ... I do not need more caffeine!

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    This is stupid. I would use a Sbux card in store only to save money on an immediate purchase - just like my Target card. Otherwise, I'll just fund my Sbux gift card from a credit card and earn credit card rewards plus their in house rewards program.

    But there is no way I am interested in turning my spending into more lattes down the road.

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