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    Are HOA's really all that necessary for Condos?

    Many homeowners of condos and townhomes complain all they do it landscaping maintenance for $400-$700 per month or clean the shared pools and shared clubhouse (which some complaint they don't need at all)
    It also takes care of any roof leaks, exterior painting, trash, and common areas. Since it is a multifamily dwelling, owners (or tenants) may not pick up behind themselves.

    Most Condo operating budgets covered use HOA fees to include amenities such as: water, basic cable TV, Building Insurance, etc.
    The reserves for the association are determined by the "remaining life" of major items (repair/replacement of elevator, roof, parking surface, building paint, pool resurface and many other items outlined in the budget). Preventative maintenance is oftentimes a better option than repairing/replacing things once they self-destruct (similar to cars, right?).

  2. Are HOA's really all that necessary for Condos?
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    It depends on the community. For some it can seem like a waste but for large communities, it is necessary and their budgets or reserves tend to be on the conservative side meaning they want to have funds available in the event of an emergency and they prefer preventative maintenance over waiting until it breaks.

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    Without an HOA you'd have people without rules. This means there could be some who want to have farm animals in their condo since they own it. You would have vehicles being worked on outside your unit until early morning hours, people bringing in 10 cars and you have no parking spots or inviting friends over with many cars.

    There are a lot of good reasons for an HOA but also some bad reasons.

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