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    Investment Property near Freeway

    Does it matter as much when you buy a multi-family property near a freeway compared to if you bought a single family home? The property cash flows very well and was rehabbed about 10 years ago.

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  2. Investment Property near Freeway
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    I think it depends on your investment criteria. With the multifamily, if the tenant doesn't like the location after a while they vacate and you can usually find another tenant.
    With a single family home, it could be vacant longer. Having said that, if the freeway is in a good neighborhood with good schools the family will probably not be motivated as much to move.
    It comes down to screening your tenants, learning where they work and if they have kids to assess how long they will stay.

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    Homes near freeways tend to have more crime due to the easy access to getaway for criminals.

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