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    The Pensions are Coming! The Pensions are Coming!

    With the currently estimated cost of underfunded pensions and underfunding social security liability and medicare costs estimates to be 100x greater than the current national debt, isn't the cost of supporting the baby boomers the greatest existing threat out there? Won't most companies just become vehicles to pay off their pensioners? Won't most taxes be for that purpose as well.

    Sorry millennials and Gen X. You work for the boomers now. And no chance of retirement for you.

  2. The Pensions are Coming! The Pensions are Coming!
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    We'll force the boomers to use Medicare, and then ration treatment to artificially lower life expectancy. That should solve the problem.

    (Yes ... meant to be snarky. Though I know some politicians who would be happy to do this as a greenhouse gas reduction scheme.)

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