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    Chase Freedom Card - Get $200 Bonus Cash Back

    If you use it wisely, the Chase Freedom credit card earn you a significant amount of cash back every month. Thatís because this card ranks among the most generous with its cash-back program.

    The card, like other high-end rewards cards, provides you with a cash-back bonus of 5 percent on specific types of purchases. The only catch? These purchases rotate throughout the year. To get the most value for your Chase Freedom Card, then, youíll have to always know which type of purchase will return the most cash.

    This card comes with several other perks, too, that make it a solid addition to your wallet.

    Hereís a closer look at the Chase Freedom Card and how it works.

    The Big Bonus: If you want to qualify for the Freedom cardís big cash-back bonus of 5 percent, youíll have to make the right purchases.

    For the first three months of the year, for instance, the Freedom card might offer its 5-percent cash-back bonus on all purchases you make at restaurants. For the next three months, you might receive the big cash-back bonus when you use your card at supermarkets. Later in the year, the Freedom card might reward you with 5 percent cash back when you shop at home-improvement stores.

    The key lies in knowing exactly which purchases are eligible for the cash-back bonus of 5 percent at all times. By using your Freedom card to make purchases in these categories, youíll maximize the number of cash you earn each month.

    All Other Purchases: Of course, youíll earn a cash-back bonus on every purchase that you make with your Chase Freedom card. That bonus will just be significantly smaller when you make purchases not in the rotating special categories.

    On all other purchases you make with this card, youíll earn 1 percent cash back. Thatís standard stuff, but when you combine it with the special categories that earn cash-back bonuses of 5 percent, itís easy to see just how quickly you can earn cash with this card.

    Bonus Cash: The Chase Freedom card also comes with another attractive perk. If you use the card to charge at least $500 during the first three months after you activate your account, youíll receive $100 cash back. If youíre a frequent charger, this offer can earn you some quick bucks.

    Introductory Interest Rate Offer: During the first 12 months after you activate your account, your interest rate on all balance transfers will be 0 percent. During the first six months after you open your account, your interest rate on all new purchases will also be 0 percent.

    Interest Rates: After the introductory periods end, your interest rate on both purchases and balance transfers will range from 11.99 percent to 22.99 percent, depending on your creditworthiness.

    Other Fees: This card charges no annual fee, another reason why consumers regard it so warmly. Cash advances cost $10 or 3 percent of the advance amount, whichever figure is higher. Late-payment and returned-payment fees can each reach up to $35.

    Final Verdict: The Chase Freedom Card deserves its lofty reputation among consumers. It offers a mix of perks, generous cash-back offers and low rates that is rare among consumer rewards cards.

  2. Chase Freedom Card - Get 0 Bonus Cash Back
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    I really like everything about this card except the high interest rates. As long as you pay your balance off it shouldn't be a problem for responsible users.

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