Citi just announced that 200,000 customer accounts have been accessed by an outside data breach (aka hackers). The customer data exposed in this beach includes - customer names, account numbers, and contact information. However the good news is that customer social security numbers, birthday info, card expiration dates and credit card CCV codes were not exposed.

The fact that the CCV numbers and expiration dates were not exposed makes the account info much harder to use - Citi has announced that they are issuing new cards to everyone that was effected.

If you think you may have been effected, beware of anyone contacting you who claims to be from Citi, as it may be a scam and they may be trying to acquire the other information that wasn't exposed. Always contact Citi directly, and never visit the Citi website through an email.

You can read more about the breach here - Regulators pressure banks after Citi data breach - Yahoo! News