New guy, love the site. Long story short I called "snowblowersdirect" to see if they had a particular snowblower in stock at the time. "Dave" stated that the blowers should be coming in 2 weeks but they were not sure. He took down my info and stated that someone will call me BEFORE anything is ordered, they need my authorization. 4 days later I get a call from a delivery truck stating they have a blower for me!. I denied and stated I never ordered it so it was never dropped off to my house. I called Dave and he started to be a prick and said I was responsible for the shipping charges and changed the whole story around. I contacted billmelater and they said I have to dispute it with snowblowers direct , not them. I owe billmelater $465 :( This is unreal. Are they correct??? I never authorized any purchase, I was suppose to be contacted before anythingg was done!! What do I do??

thanks guys!!!