Attention: Before you apply, read our full review of the Lane Bryant credit card below. There is a much better alternative to this card that will allow you to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars more in rewards each year.

Lane Bryant is one of the most well known plus size clothing stores in the US. Like most clothing stores, Lane Bryant offers a store credit card to its customers, which boasts rewards that can be earned based on how much is purchased. However, does the Lane Bryant card really offer enough of a reward to merit applying for the card?

Great Clothes at VERY High Interest Rates

The Lane Bryant credit card can only be used at Lane Bryant stores and its affiliated stores such as Fashion Bug and Catherines. Even though Lane Bryant clothing is known for their great fitting clothes, the card has an extremely high interest rate that does not make using the card worth your while. The interest rate, which can vary based upon prime rate, is 24.99%.

Rewards Program - Not So Great

In addition to a high interest rate, the Lane Bryant credit card also offers a rewards program that rewards based upon how much you spend. You receive 2 points for every dollar spent at Lane Bryant stores and 1 point for every dollar spent at other Lane Bryant affiliated stores like Fashion Bug and Catherines. However, the rewards program offers different levels, which have minimum spending requirements before you can even qualify to get a reward.

You Must Spend to Qualify

The rewards program at Lane Bryant has three different reward levels: base, premier, and platinum. Each reward level requires that you spend a minimum amount and accumulate points. If you spend $400 and obtain 400 points, you are at the base level and receive a $10 reward that can be used for store purchases. You can reach the premier level by spending $600 and accumulating 600 points.

For the premier level, you would receive a $25 reward towards store purchases. Finally, the platinum level is achieved by accumulating 800 points, and you would receive a $40 reward as well as double points on every Cacique bra purchase. At the base and premier levels, this comes out to an average of 2.5-4% cash back, and this cash can only be used at the Lane Bryant store and its affiliates.

This is not a substantial savings at all based upon how much money you are required to spend in order to get the reward.

Sign Up Bonuses

In addition to the rewards program, the Lane Bryant credit card also offers a sign up bonus of 15% off your first purchase. Additionally, you receive 25 free reward points if register your credit card account online. However, 15% is not a substantial savings, and even with the 25 free points, you will still need to spend a minimum of $400 just to qualify for the base level rewards program. These are not really incentives to sign up or even take the hit to your credit report to see if you are eligible for the credit card.

Not a Great Value

Overall, the Lane Bryant card is not a great deal for those wanting to shop and receive a substantial savings on their purchases. The card has an extremely high interest rate that will cancel out any savings you could possibly receive through the rewards program. Try considering a card that offers a better cash back bonus and interest rate. Additionally, consider a card that can be used at any store, not just Lane Bryant.

A Better Option: The American Express Blue Cash Everyday Preferred card is a much better choice than the Lane Bryant Credit Card. Blue Cash offers superior rewards, even when shopping at Lane Bryant plus gives you 6% back on groceries, 3% back on gasoline, 3% at department stores and 1% back on all other purchases with no limit on the rewards you can earn.