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    Low credit limit on current card; seeking increase on chase slate

    Currently, I have a chase slate card and the limit is only $400. I am assuming the company will provide some options for an increase sometime soon. I make all my payments on time, but would like to be able to do more on down the road. Does anyone have a chase slate which they have successfully gained credit limit increases on? What did you find is the best possible option for getting the credit limit increase?

  2. Low credit limit on current card; seeking increase on chase slate
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    If you are new to credit, you will need to exercise patience when seeking out credit limit increases. Some companies are more apt to provide credit limit increases than others. With the economy like it has been, more seem to hold back on giving increases.

    First of all, it is a good sign that you have been given credit. Continue to use your card and make payments on the balance. Since your credit limit is $400, then only plan to put $100 on charges on the card. Then make payments - for example, you could make two $50 payments to pay the balance off. Continue the process until you have created a history of on time payments with Chase.

    I would personally wait at least six months before requesting a credit limit increase, or longer. If you are in good shape with your credit score and credit history in general, then you can consider asking for a new increase on your credit line.

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    Start out small and keep a great history in making payments. Also, be sure to check your credit score to make sure there are not any errors on it if you are having a hard time getting a credit limit increase.

    If you have good credit history and the ability to pay for the credit you receive, you are off on the right foot. Just be patient and in time it will come to you if you meet all the requirements.
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    I didn't know they would start you out at $400. This seems incredibly low compared to my first card at $2,000. Yes, I think it needs to be increased too. I do have a Chase slate but never needed an increase as it much more than I need to spend or access.

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