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    Is MasterCard going to accept Selfies over Passwords?

    Mastercard started implementing a newer technology that will enable customers to do online transactions by snapping up a selfie versus using a password.

    The technology known as MasterCard Identity Check, is going to allow online consumers to make a purchase just by putting scanner theri finger on their smartphone, or using their selfie camera to provide their identity.


    I know it will not work with identical twins. Just two weeks ago former tennis star, James Blake was tackled on the streets of NYC because his facial featues very closely resembled a suspect. Can a selfie be that reliable?

  2. Is MasterCard going to accept Selfies over Passwords?
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    Here's one reason why they are allowing selfies.

    Based on a survey of 10,000 online consumers, pooled by Mastercard and overseen by Norstat, 53 percent of online shoppers were not able to remember their passwords two or more times within a week.

    The net effect was that one out of three of them did not make an online purchase, while 60 percent said the end result was missing out on a time-sensitive transaction such as scoring some concert tickets.

    Also, here's a comparison overview of the two-step authentification vs. using a selfie. In short, the selfie has its limits and it is not a step forward. It is just a fad to appeal to young people.

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    A selfie does mean the person is right there. You cannot use a picture or image to complete the purchase, right? Although, if a hacker can get into the system, I am sure they can upload a photo into the program.

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    I gotta admit, I find this one hard to believe. But I do like the idea of not needing to remember a bunch of passwords. And still getting some level of security.

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