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    CardMatch: Our Recommended Solution to Finding a New Credit Card

    We recently checked out CardMatch from, and want to recommend this service to anyone looking for a new card. It really makes the search process a lot easier and faster.

    What CardMatch does is match you with the best offers available from card issuers who are looking for applicants with your credit profile. So, while you are not pre-approved for the offers you see, you are likely to be approved if you apply.

    Plus, CardMatch often has better promotions available than you will find on the issuers website. So you really get one stop shopping to "better offers and better rewards" - which just happens to be the CardMatch motto.

    CardMatch can help you find whatever type of card you are looking for, from no annual fee, to low interest rate, to cash-back, to travel rewards, to balance transfer offers.

    And to address your potential concerns, you can be assured that:
    • Using CardMatch will not hurt your credit score (since they do a soft pull);
    • It is safe and secure - they use 128 bit encryption; and
    • CardMatch respects your privacy and will not spam you or share your personal information.

    Check out our review for some sample CardMatch offers. Or just check out CardMatch:

    Check out CardMatch Today to Find Better Offers

  2. CardMatch: Our Recommended Solution to Finding a New Credit Card
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    I recently used Card Match - and I can recommend it. At the very least, it gives you an idea of what card are out there that match your credit profile.
    Need a Card to Build/Rebuild Your Credit With? Read This >> Best Credit Cards For Building Your Credit

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    I'm going to check this out. Thanks fro the tip.

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    I like how it reduces a lot of the guesswork.

    Thanks for the review.

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