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    Another successful bonus offer

    Just completed my bonus offer on the Capital One Venture card. I spent about $3,900 on the card so far (yes, I easily cleared the minimum threshold - thanks insurance bill). And I now have $480 with of points available to redeem for hotels in December.

    That is more than a 12% return on my spending. (And, yes, it would have been a high percentage if I stayed closer to the $3,000 threshold.)

    I am pleased.

  2. Another successful bonus offer
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    Nicely done!

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    so have you used and enjoyed the points yet?

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    Booked a summer vacation with earned points.

    Now waiting for another new card introduction with an over the top welcome offer. I think we will see one soon. (Maybe from Citi or Wells.) Someone will want to get into the fun with Amex and Chase.

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    Will anyone duplicate the crazy offer that Chase made with the launch of the CSR card? I just don't see it happening. Rumor is it cost Chase a pretty penny. Which is why the CSR and the CSP now have the same welcome offer.

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    What I miss are the days when you could rack up bonus offers without worry about being blackballed. And when you could sell your points on the open market.

    Card hacking was practically a business back then.

    Not a test in patience, only holding out for the truly "great" offers.

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    Those days were fun. But it was like the wild west with the abuse of manufactured spending. The card companies had to reign in the excesses, or charge more to others to benefit the card hackers.

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