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    Gas Stations Given 3 Extra Years to Install Chip Readers

    Visa and MasterCard are letting gas stations wait until Oct 2, 2020 before installing chip readers at all their pumps. The previous deadline for gas stations had been Oct 1, 2017.

    In the meantime, Visa and M/C will continue to eat losses from fraud.

    Even though gas stations had an extra year compared to other retailers, it turns out gas stations needed even more time. It seems a lot of the delay has to do with how the card readers are integrated with the pumps and a shortage of available technology.

  2. Gas Stations Given 3 Extra Years to Install Chip Readers
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    Why not help put small business as well?

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    Wasn't just a few years ago that gas stations were point zero for credit card fraud? Bad guys were installing fake readers and stealing credit card numbers all over the place.

    Maybe the pump should have been the place to start - not finish.

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    Gas stations have better industry representation/lobbies than small businesses in general. That is why they get a pass - despite being more prone to being a source of stolen credit card numbers.

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    I remember that form a couple summers ago, and people were afraid to use their cards a the pump.

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    Well, when the change over is complete, all credit card fraud will be moved online. So they'll have to come up some new way to fight it / inconvenience us.

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