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    Luxury Card - Request for Info

    I received a mailer for the MasterCard's "Luxury Card". And I'm wondering if anyone ever takes out one of these cards?

    At first I liked the idea of a 2% on everything card with a $200 yearly airline credit. But then I noticed the $995 annual fee. And lack of the welcome offer.

    It just seems to be you can do so much better with other cards. And still get all the "luxury" perks they promise.

    What am I missing here? Anyone using this Luxury Card?

  2. Luxury Card - Request for Info
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    For that fee, you can get the Platinum Card and Sapphire Reserve, plus the fee 2% back card from Fidelity (no fee). You'll get more perks, more travel benefits, and more rewards. Plus, you'll be able to collect some nice sign up bonuses.

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    the fee seems a bit outrageous. my advice: pass. even if it somehow conveys some sort of social advantage i am unaware of.

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    I got their mailer too. I just laughed. I'm much happier with the CSR card.

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