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    Don't forget to verify your Amazon Visa Signature Card

    Prime members - don't forget to go online and verify your current Visa signature card to increase rewards from 3% to 5%. This change is not applied automatically, as far as I can tell. But you can verify at checkout.

  2. Don't forget to verify your Amazon Visa Signature Card
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    Huh? I got something in the mail saying that I will automatically be updated. This seems to be inconsistent with that.

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    Thanks for the tip.

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    I agree with OP: it's not automatic. I've just gotten my bill, and it is telling me to check "Manage Payment Options" on my Amazon acc't to make sure that I am getting 5% as a Prime member.

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    Since there seems to be some confusion as to whether Prime members automatically will be bumped up to the 5% benefit, the prudent thing to do is to go into your account and make sure it is activated.

    What I found was that I am the primary card holder and my wife is the primary Prime member. So in our case we did have to go and have my wife activate us for the 5% benefits. And then it automatically showed up when I logged into Amazon.

    Yes, we should consolidate our Amazon to one log in. But we don't.

    And, yes, YMMV on the need to do this if the same person is the primary Prime member and the primary cardholder.

    However, just take a minute and check while you are on Amazon. better safe than sorry.

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    I'll do this later, thx OP

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    Is this rollout intentionally vague to frustrate us, or to get people to login in to Amazon to check on things?

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