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    New Amazon Rewards Card

    I received my new Amazon card. But not just one. Two.

    I received a blue one and a sliver one (as a Prime member).

    Why send two?

    And they are both think. How am I supposed to keep them in my wallet?

  2. New Amazon Rewards Card
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    I hear you on those Chase cards. I love the feel of my CSP. But I don't want a think wallet. And I.m not going to carr just one card. (Sorry Chase.) So that means fewer Chase cards in my wallet.

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    I really only need the card for my Prime purchases. So no need to put it in my wallet. Thank goodness. It's really heavy.

    Don't get the two card thing either. I guess a card to keep in case I drop Prime. Seems a waste.

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    I love the new card!!!! Just feels cool.

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    Is this how Chase plans on differentiating their cards? By look and feel. And inability to shred.

    It was cool with the Sapphire cards. But now it is too much. At least for me.

    A credit card is my tool. Not something I am using to impress friends. (Except maybe by financial hacking prowess.)

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    This is my first metal card. Its a home run for me. 5% off at Amazon and a cool card. (Though the look and feel are just a side benefit to that 5% perk.)

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    Login with your Amazon username and password then click on the link for "My Amazon store credit".

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