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    USAA Limitless 2.5% Back

    This is not about the cancelled TV show (which I kinda liked, BTW). It is a new USAA card offering limitless 2.5% back on all your purchases.

    That is pretty darn good!

    Not only need to qualify for USAA cards generally (i.e., military, former military, spouse of military), but need to have a USAA checking account where you have at least a $1,000 direct deposit each month. (Otherwise cash back reduced to 1.5%.)

    This seems like a pilot program. So not sure if it will stick. If you're interested, check it out:

  2. USAA Limitless 2.5% Back
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    I was happy when I went from 1.5% to 2.% with the DC card as my default for "all other". But 2.5% blows even that away.

    Sadly I do not qualify. Not from lack of patriotic fervor. But being kinda scrawny and asthmatic in my younger days. Gotta say that those who did serve absolutely deserve a great card like this.

    Awesome job USAA.

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    This is an unbelievable offer. It is going to be my new "back-up" card in lieu of the Double Cash card.

    Thank OP!!

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    Sign me up. This is a great offer.

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    Wanted to apply, but I live in the wrong state (Virginia). Then I saw with fine print:

    This product is currently available to members residing in the following states: AL, AR, AZ, CO, CT, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, KS, LA, MD, MI, MN, MT, ND, NM, NV, NY, OR, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX and WA. It will become available in additional states at a later date.

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