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    Should I cancel my Chase Sapphire Reserve?

    I applied for the Chase Sapphire reserve in February shortly before they lowered the bonus from 100,000 points down to 50,000 points. I completed the minimum spend and received my 100,000 bonus points is it safe to cancel the card?

  2. Should I cancel my Chase Sapphire Reserve?
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    I had a very similar situation. When I was rebuilding my credit the first card that I was able to get approved for was a Capital One card that has since turned into the Capital One Quicksilver. The First Amex approval for was a Amex Delta Skymiles Platinum Card. I am not sure if the co branded cards are easier to get than a regular card at Amex. I am also not sure if Co Branded Chase cards like the British Airways Visa Signature Card are easier to get than a Chase Sapphire Reserve or even the Chase Sapprire Preferred. While I would not call it a blacklist, Chase is absolutely aware of a prior default on their cards even if it has been seven years and does not appear on your credit report. You could wait and see what their decision is, however within a few days it might make sense to call into the customer service line and ask them to review your application. They will likely ask you about why you defaulted in the past and you can explain your current situation. If you have applied for and received 5 cards from any banks in the last 24 months you will likely be denied purely due to Chase automatically denying people who apply for too many cards in a short period of time.

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