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    should i apply capital one QuicksilverŽ Rewards ??

    I'm kind of new here, but I would like some insight if any of you have any.

    I currently have one open line of credit a secured visa with my local credit union. ($500 limit)

    as of today, I checked my scores.
    transunion -712
    experian 742

    I have 1yr and 3 months of credit history, 0 marks, no collections, and no debt.

    1 hard inquiry

    I currently work with under the table for family business and i'm in the process of incorporating myself as an LLC, so I have no current form of proof of employment.

    the accountant at the credit union suggested applying for the QuicksilverŽ Rewards or CITI double cash card as she said she thinks I would be approved with no proof of employment.

    I just wanted to know if you guys have any suggestions for me or card recommendations that I could be approved with that wouldn't require proof of employment.


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    It is completely depends on what you're going to use the card for and what's your credit score.

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